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Well of Death Riders

18 February 2014 |

Allahabad’s Well of Death riders who risk life and limb daily to earn money at local melas (fairs) by driving cars and motorcycles inside a temporary cylindrical structure about 25 feet high and 30 feet across. The cars are held in the air by centripetal force and needless to say there’s very little room for error. The Well of Death is extremely risky for both performers and audience members, but regardless, it frequently draws a huge crowd

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Shepherd 2.0

8 February 2014 |

In 2011, Andrea went to San Vito (CA), Monte Porceddus Valley, located in southeast Sardinia (Italy), by bike for wwoofing (WWOOF: World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Linking volunteers with organic farms and growers). Two years later, he is still there with his wife Sara and five-month-old daughter, Nadia. He sold his bike to buy a horse, quit his job as a contract manager for a company in Reggio Emilia (Italy), met his actual wife and a year ago started his new life as shepherd. Now they have 18 sheep, 2 goats, 3 horses, some hens, cats and dogs.

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My Green Place on the Bay

18 January 2014 |

Whilst doing my master’s degree (MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography) at London College of Communication, which I have just graduated from, I became fascinated by the rich history of Greenwich and started exploring themes of time, ancestry and memory within the borough I live through the medium of photography.

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Blackwater Street

2 December 2013 |

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh is one of the populous cities in the world. An unexpected rapid rate of growing urban population has made this city unable to cope with changing situations due to their internal resource constraints and management limitations. As a common and regular problem of the city, Dhaka city have been facing extensive water logging during the monsoon (May to October) over the last decade.

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