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Documentary Photography Review | 28th November 2014

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Between Tides

14th May 2014 |

About 1 hour after the arrival to Zanzibar sitting in the back seat of a local taxi with my wife heading to the hotel, tragedy strikes down from no where and hits us by shock. What occurred next turned pretty much everything upside down. A boy, who looks like less the ten years old, is […]Read More

The Spanish Crisis

22nd April 2014 |

Ever since its real estate bubble burst in 2008, Spain has been on a downward spiral sparking a financial crisis that has spread throughout the country. Dubbed “The Spanish Crisis” Spain currently has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe at 26% throwing millions out of work and unable to keep up with mortgage […]Read More


19th April 2014 |

My ‘Artisans’ project is documenting traditional crafts and Malcolm Tysoe Ltd are a traditional music shop specializing in violins, violas and cellos. I was welcomed by Dante Zufolo who demonstrated some of the techniques used to restore instruments which can be a very time consuming and delicate process. The equipment and skills have changed little […]Read More

Children, Cancer and the Crab of Sanctions

23rd March 2014 |

The real victims of the escalating economic sanctions imposed on Iran are ordinary people and not the men of power accused of being in search of Nuclear Bombs. Although US and European Union claimed that the sanctions would not include Humanitarian Aid, a glance at the real immediate outcomes makes one wonder what these powers […]Read More